Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Lourdes water is packed... today Jesus gave John a voice and words to say.

John with his sisters 8 years ago, and it usually gets pretty silly quite quickly as they love to torment him in a loving way even when that head had a tumor in it.  The look of peace and happiness is not fake for John, as he always longed for his family to all be together.  Being the youngest and watching his sisters leave the house one by one and go off to follow the narrow path with their name on it.  John had some sad and lonely times for his loving sisters.  When his battle against brain cancer even brought Susan back from her formation in France with The Community of the Lamb... he found JOY!  The support of his family all around him and the prayers of hundreds of prayer warriors the world over brought him to healing and finding of Faith with all The Church had to offer him, and that is a whole heck of a lot!

Susan is 3 years older than John after I had 2 losses between them... it brought them to a close and loving and caring relationship.  Susan always looked out for him and even saved his life once on the farm.  Now she prays for him daily from Rome!

The Gospel today is so powerful in the light of our prayers shared a short time ago with the office/morning prayer/ St Benedict feast day.  John and I prayed that this venture to Chicago to make this promotional video may be the Jesus and John story and that the words may come from Jesus... today in the Gospel Jesus drives out a demon from a mute man and he speaks the words of praise and thanksgiving!  Imagine how the "crowds were amazed" to hear what this man had to say, who had not been able to speak much less speak about what the Lord just did for him.  How we pray that John may also touch and "amaze" many with the wonders of being touched and healed by Jesus and given the words to say as a motivational speaker!

John just out of the healing waters of Lourdes with the droplets on his head where he had them pour the water..."That is where I need the healing."

The Lourdes water is packed with plans to pray over him and pour that water on his hands and head with his Aunt Angela before I take him to the plane this afternoon.  Our Lady is always closely with John on his journey, and he loves her deeply along with his old mom!  Jesus, we trust in you and know that you are going to give John the words and the voice filled with Your Holy Spirit.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

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