Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Think of the religious to whom his very presence is the air they breath,the very life and the sustenance of their souls."

Dad after lunch and a morning and shared meals filled with visiting as we see eye to eye about all things Faith and Family!  When I realized that I would be close to 3 days here... I kind of wondered how it would all go and what would fill our time.  My usual time span is about 24 hours... how has it been?  We find ourselves sharing and finding it hard to get a word in edgewise!  I find that a thought strikes in the conversation and I must hold onto it tightly or it is gone when it had been so important to me.  Mom said at one point that she was surprised at how much dad had to share while I was here. At one point mom shared an experience she recalled from her high school days that she had never shared with dad!  Wow!  After 68 years of marriage that is quite a surprise to all of us.
 Mom and I put the seagulls together after they had fallen and broken into pieces... it is good to have them back.  Michigan has come up some in our sharings... we have discovered that the new owners are from our former hometown of Flint, MI!  "I hope they have little kids and love it like we did."
Welcome back seagulls... you have been missed!

My parents got me up for mass on EWTN this morning to hear the homily and much Latin in the mass.  The  Gospel today of Jesus sending out... "As you go, make this proclamation:
'The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.'
Cure the sick, raise the dead,
cleanse the lepers, drive out demons."   
Father reminded us that it is not us, but Jesus who does all these things still in the world!
My mother's beautiful flowers - how often am I reminded of her "green thumb" when I am visiting?  All the time!  These look like soft vibrant fireworks in flower form.  In our conversing this day she spoke of the dream about Our Lady coming out of a sacristy and embracing mom as a Protestant ministers wife, and how that led to her awareness and budding devotion to Mary, the Mother of God and led to her and all of our conversion to The Church!  Dad is now reading her book by St Louis De Montfort and was just telling us about the "wormy apple" we give to our Lady and she cleans out the worms and puts it on a golden plate to then hand on to her Son!  Wow!  I love that so much!  I think you can see what it is like around here for me to sit at the feet of my wonderful parents and share our Faith shared from the heart with great JOY!
Now the pinky purple ones!

Mom shared with me a daily devotion that I love done my the mother of a priest, and speaks of The Eucharist powerfully each day... Today she quoted Fr Francis Aloysius Spencer... "Think of the religious to whom his presence is the air they breathe, and the very life and sustenance of their souls."  How I love this as this is how I feel about my love for Jesus and his Church... with every breath that I take and every beat of my heart..."Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

The picture she shared with this quote - Monks in a cave by Francios Marus Granet

How I would love this solitary life devoted to HIM!  It speaks to me of my inner chapel, and my rosary is calling out to me now.  Jesus, I am so filled with gratitude for my parents/family and our shared journey of Faith and Family!  Now carried on to the family of Patrick and Barbara - we have just reached 25!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A beautiful pin my mom is wearing today on her white sweater... very sweet and a gift from my brother, Jim. 

I am so very lucky to have both of my parents with me still and of good minds and glorious souls striving for heaven down the narrow path with me as we follow after Jesus.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Ruth's beautiful new porch as I was leaving a few days ago... Rose told me that the shiny wood looks like the cabin.  "Do you miss the cabin, Rose?"  "Yes."  Pat called me a bit ago as he was eating lunch out on Ruth's big porch. 
A lot of hard work and such a wonderful result!
Books and learning is very important to my parents... the statues were given them as they left Michigan - my dad's last place to serve as a Permanent Deacon in The Catholic Church.  Now at 92... he is no longer actively serving and that was hard for him.
Nancy's sharing of 30+ ways to memorialize a miscarriage ....Wow!  The outpouring was huge to this! 
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Many thoughts and prayers for John this day as he is in Chicago asking the Lord to use him and to help him get the message out to the world that Jesus is alive and well and among us and healing us and answering our half=hearted prayers for Faith!

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